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Capital F.M. 92.4 is the youngest member of Nepali FM radio fraternity. Leaders/ pioneers in South Asia, Nepali F.M. radio stations are considered enough from quantitative perspective. The number of radios is probably sufficient due to Nepal government’s liberal stance towards the media sector. Many people even comment that there are too many F.M.s in the country. ...But, thinking from the audiences’ side, such comments do not seem correct. Extensive participation of radio audiences substantiates popularity and necessity of F.M.s in Nepal till date. Another remark that we hear is that Nepali F.M. radios are not adhering to the trend of FM radios in different countries. The answer is that Nepali F.M.s have every right to adopt a distinct style, which is why it is like this. This (also) means Nepali audiences do support the distinctive approach of Nepali F.M.s. Thus, it automatically proves that this is the right style.