Webradio Engelse en Renaissance koormuziek

  • Anthem: Blessed be the God and Father (S.S. Wesley)

    Gloucester Cathedral

  • O gloriosa Domina

    Chant and polyphony from Bohemia around 1500

  • Vadam et circuibo

    Stile Antico

  • The Canon of St. John Chrysostom | Anaphore

    Anatoly Grindenko | Russian Easter

  • Psalm 37: Fret Not Thyself

    The Choir of King's College Cambridge

  • Engelse Koormuziek

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  • Imperatrix angelorum

    Cantica Symphonica

  • Le Toutpuissant a mon Seigneur

    Nederlands Kamerkoor

  • Frieden Frieden

    Taize instrumentaal (fluit en gitaar)

  • O dolor o lacrymae a 6 (1604)

    Detlef Bratschke