Jazz de Ville - Dance

Jazz influenced modern dance music – Curated by DJ Maestro

  • Recordnition

    Nick The Records

  • Esperanza

    Whiskey Barons

  • Pick up the Pieces

    Sam Irl & Dusty

  • Fearless


  • The Dance (Markus Enochson remix)

    Blacq & Wright

  • For the Love of Money

    Disco Dub Band

  • Hot Pants Road (Mop Mop edit)

    Boogaloo Combo

  • Eh Luande (Mimosa Avant Garde Mix)

    Racoon Feat. Rose max

  • Try My Love (On For Size) [feat. Teni Tinks] *

    07 The Shapeshifters

  • The Sound Of Everything +

    * Quantic