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KACV-FM (89.9 FM, "FM90") is a college radio station in Amarillo, Texas, USA. The station is owned and operated by the city's community college, Amarillo College, from its Washington Street campus by the radio / TV students of Amarillo College. Founded in 1976, the station is a typical, unaffiliated campus radio station, airing alternative rock music during the weekdays. The station airs the syndicated "Dr. Demento" radio program, a feature of KACV-FM since 1987. Due to a special contract, KACV was the only station continuing to air Dr. Demento after June 6, 2010, after Dr. Demento canceled his terrestrial show and moved exclusively to the Internet. KACV carried the Internet version of the show, presumably censored to meet FCC guidelines, until it left KACV in January 2011