• Everybody's got to learn sometime (by The Korgis)

    Jasper, Gavin

  • (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (by Elvis Prestley)

    Isaak, Chris

  • Dusk Till Dawn (by Zain & Sia)

    Jones, Blame

  • Lady (by Modjo)

    Page, Lawrence

  • Porcelain (Moby Cover)

    Mimi Page

  • Wrecking Ball (Acoustic)

    Two Worlds

  • What Is Love? (by Haddaway)

    Dahl & Grace Grundy

  • Stop! (by Sam Brown)

    Hafdis Huld

  • Girl (by The Beatles)

    DJ Style, KSS

  • White Flag (by Dido)

    Corn, Ryan