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  • In Between Heartbeats

    Ariel Lavi (California, USA)

  • Bliss (Produced by Street Empire MG and Will Wonka, Written by Mal V Moo)

    Mal V Moo (USA)

  • Careless Teens

    The Bilinda Butchers (USA)

  • I Got It On Lock (Produced by Pete Masiatti and Written by Lady Rose)

    Lady Rose (Florida USA)

  • Soulmate (Produced by Platinum Seller Beats and Written by Jai Tha Great)

    Jai Tha Great (USA)

  • Carolina

    Vintage Blue

  • Miss Molly (Produced and Written by Wiz Kid The Weirdo)

    Wiz Kid The Weirdo (USA)

  • Before U Go

    Tyzo Bloom a.k.a KC (Los Angeles, USA)

  • Nerf Mophix (Produced by The Other Guy, Featuring Anna Slinning)

    The Other Guy (NORWAY)