SomaFM: Earwaves

The history of electronic and experimental music from the early pioneers to the latest innovators.

  • Emergence


  • Halt. Oh Halt.

    Pauline Vaillancourt

  • Adams (D): Stratum

    McCormick Percussion Group

  • Revealed in Time

    Erik Wøllo

  • Le Nom des 7 Nuits (The Name of Seven Nights)

    Sten Hanson

  • Profile

    Out of Context

  • 2-02 Samedi and the Cop

    Anne LeBaron

  • 04 Five Pieces for Flute & Piano_ Melody

    Mimi Stillman & Charles Abramovic

  • Megabitchen'

    Mark Trayle

  • Witch Gong Game