SomaFM - ThistleRadio

Exploring music from Celtic roots and branches

  • Si Do Mhaimeo I

    Caroline Fraher

  • Floating

    Hamish Napier

  • Ducks on the Pond

    Joe Trudeau & Sharon Knowles

  • Universal Hall / Spider's Legs / Mick's Knitted Triplets

    Gillian Frame

  • The Killavil Jig / Kid On the Mountain

    Gretchen Koehler & Daniel Kelly

  • The Templehouse / The Gravel W

    Brian Miller & Randy Gosa

  • Christmas in September (feat. Adam Holmes)

    Heidi Talbot

  • Rory Dall's Port (Port Ruaraid

    Colum Sands And Maggie MacInne

  • Scarce O' Tatties / Lincoln and Liberty / Irish Washerwoman

    Hesperus: Early Music Ensemble

  • Air: An Feochán (The Gentle Breeze) [feat. Jonathan Storck]

    Andy Lamy