Trad Radio Ireland

  • The Blackbird

    Matt Cranitch

  • Traditional Gaelic Melody

    Alasdair Fraser W Paul Machlis

  • The Old Resting Chair

    Buttons & Bows

  • Brown-Sailed Boat~The Maids of


  • The Morning Star / The Caoiltes Mountain

    Martin Hayes

  • Maurice Lennon's, Connie O'connell's

    Kevin Crawford

  • Nothing But A Child

    Cyril O'Donoghue

  • The Jolly Soldier & The Blarney Pilgrim

    Andy Irvine

  • Strathspey: The Iron Man

    Edel Fox

  • Drag Her Round the Roads/The Silver Spire/The Congress Reel

    Brendan Power