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WBFH, also known as The Biff, is a community radio station operating out of Bloomfield Hills Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. WBFH has been in operation since October 1, 1976, and runs at 360 watts (making it the most powerful high school station in the state) at 88.1 MHz on the FM dial. The signal is directional and can be heard throughout Pontiac, West Bloomfield, Auburn Hills and points north. WBFH is licensed to the Bloomfield Hills School District and is an activity open to both Andover and Lahser High School Students. Becoming a staff member requires a pre-requisite class followed by an application upon which the station managers decide which students make the cut. WBFH is run by Pete Bowers, and has been since its inception. His support staff includes broadcast veterans Randy Carr as chief engineer and Ron Wittebols as special projects manager. WBFH follows a format they call "Best of the Old, Best of the New" which includes current mainstream CHR/Top 40 hits.