Radio stations by music genres

  • Logo of radio station BBC Radio 3

    BBC Radio 3

    BBC Radio 3 is a radio station operated by the BBC within the United Kingdom. Radio 3 devotes most of its schedule to classical music.

  • Logo of radio station Classic FM

    Classic FM

    The World's Greatest Music

  • Logo of radio station Linn Classical

    Linn Classical

    Tune in to the highest quality web radio. Our three stations bring you the best of the music available from Linn and our partner labels, broadcast in crisp 320 kbps MP3. That's better than what you pay for on iTunes and over twice the quality of current DAB radio.

  • Logo of radio station RTÉ Lyric FM

    RTÉ Lyric FM

    Where Life Sounds Better

  • Logo of radio station Pure Classic

    Pure Classic

    We are enthusiatic classical music lovers. We wanted an Irish radio station that plays nothing but the classics, but as we couldn't find one, we started this ourselves!! The radio service is taking part in the commercial DAB radio broadcasting trials now on-air in Dublin and expanding to Cork & Limerick later this year.

  • Logo of radio station WQXR


    New York City's classical music station since 1936.

  • Logo of radio station WQXR Q2 Music

    WQXR Q2 Music

    Online radio for vibrant, innovative music from living composers. From New York Public Radio.

  • Logo of radio station KBAQ 89.5 FM

    KBAQ 89.5 FM

    Classical. Arts. Community.

  • Logo of radio station Classical Music America

    Classical Music America

    In late 1999, the only classical music station in Detroit, WQRS-FM was sold. The new owners kept the classical format for a short period of time, but eventually changed it to Alternative Rock. It was at this point in time that owner, Bob Ottaway, decided to provide an on-line classical music alternative. On October 31, 2000, was launched with the assistance of Larry Estlack, Paul Russell Erickson, Davis Gloff, Pat McElroy and Jack Goggins. They were and are true experts in their respective fields and deserve the most of the credit for the success of Within a year Classical Music Detroit had had a major impact on America and the vast majority of listeners found outside of Michigan. Thus a name change was prudent and the station changed it's name to the current, Today can be listened by as many as 9,000 listeners a day.

  • Logo of radio station ABC Classic FM

    ABC Classic FM

    Life is Beautiful

  • Logo of radio station Venice Classic Radio

    Venice Classic Radio

    Beautiful Classical Music

  • Logo of radio station Radio Classique

    Radio Classique

    Vie moderne, radio classique

  • Logo of radio station France Musique

    France Musique

    Ce monde a besoin de musique

  • Logo of radio station Radio Clásica

    Radio Clásica

    Radio Clásica - Web Oficial -

  • Logo of radio station BR Klassik

    BR Klassik

    Die ganze Welt der Musik

  • Logo of radio station Ancient FM

    Ancient FM

    Music of the Mediaeval and Renaissance

  • Logo of radio station CEU Medieval Radio

    CEU Medieval Radio

    CEU Medieval Radio is a non-profit webcast run by the members of Central European University’s Medieval Studies Department to popularize medieval and early modern music, history, and culture. Enjoy our unique selection of authentic pre-1700 music.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Swiss Classic

    Radio Swiss Classic

    das Klassikradio zum Entspannen.

  • Logo of radio station Global Bach Community

    Global Bach Community

    24-7 Bach - Internet Radio Station and Podcast

  • Logo of radio station Accent 4

    Accent 4

    Promouvoir la Musique Classique, en ouvrant nos antennes aux formations et associations musicales de la Region au moyen d'informations musicales locales diffusées toutes les 4 heures soit 5 fois par jour et par l'enregistrement et la diffusion sur nos ondes des concerts locaux. En outre nous diffusons un bulletin mensuel des programmes tiré à 1800 exemplaires, envoyés aux 1700 abonnés des 2 départements. Depuis 2002 nous nous ouvrons sur le monde entier, grâce à notre site internet