Radio stations by music genres

  • Logo of radio station BBC Radio 1xtra

    BBC Radio 1xtra

    Championing UK and international underground diverse music

  • Logo of radio station Rinse FM

    Rinse FM

    Rinse FM is uniquely placed at the hub of the Capital’s thriving British underground music community, demonstrating throughout 16 years of broadcasting that we provide a vital, unique and exceptionally successful, grass-roots gateway into broadcast radio and the wider music industry. Our volunteer DJ’s and MC’s have won Mercury Music Prize awards and nominations for numerous others, gold discs in recognition of sales, and widespread critical acclaim. Our fiercely grass-roots broadcasting ethos engages massively under-represented communities. In stark contrast to the homogenized radio landscape Rinse FM seeks to champion the diverse needs of young London and those passionate about youth-orientated music culture, showcasing genres, interacting with and influencing those scenes.

  • Logo of radio station Capital XTRA

    Capital XTRA

    Dance, Urban, UK

  • Logo of radio station Kool London

    Kool London

    Jungle, Drum & Bass and Hardcore

  • Logo of radio station Point Blank FM

    Point Blank FM

    House And Dance Music Radio Station

  • Logo of radio station Sub FM

    Sub FM

    Where Bass Matters

  • Logo of radio station Gaydio


    The Beat of Gay UK

  • Logo of radio station Origin Uk Radio

    Origin Uk Radio

    88-90 Warehouse 90's Harcore & Jungle Cureent Drum & Bass

  • Logo of radio station Livewire 1350

    Livewire 1350

    The Sound of UEA

  • Logo of radio station Storm Northeast

    Storm Northeast

    Broadcasting continuously since 2002 From Paul van dyk to Afrojack to Hardwell and more we are the number one dance station in the North East. Text on 0857112219

  • Logo of radio station MKFM


    The Beat of MK

  • Logo of radio station Dance FM UK

    Dance FM UK

    Latest News

  • Logo of radio station Krafty Radio

    Krafty Radio

    Krafty Radio is an online hardcore radio run and sponsored by Krafty Promotions and Vibealite. Your source for free legal mp3's, hardcore mixes and news!

  • Logo of radio station Resonance Extra

    Resonance Extra

    Resonance Extra is a pioneering new digital radio platform launched in December 2015, available on DAB to listeners in Central Brighton and online to the rest of the world. Dedicated foremost to the global artistic community and with a focus on long–form international music programming and sonic experimentation, Resonance Extra exists to mobilise diverse and emergent communities of sound artists, musicians, broadcasters, academics and expert curators.

  • Logo of radio station Reach FM

    Reach FM

    UK Underground Dance Radio Station!

  • Logo of radio station House Beats Radio Station

    House Beats Radio Station


  • Logo of radio station Groove London

    Groove London

    Groove London was set up by a Dj from the South East London. Groove London Entered The World Of Internet Radio In 2014 And is now growing support from Djs Mc’s And Producers, With the exprience and strength, groove london Has taken the internet radio Scene by storm with the quailty to broadcast, through past experiences with online radio stations, Groove london has gained many contacts in the music and radio business alone with Techinal Support And control. We consider our listeners new and old the main reason for groove london success, without a good fan base we wouldn’t be where we are Today.

  • Logo of radio station NoWay!FM Radio

    NoWay!FM Radio

    We play remixed Dance (The non-commercial versions) of the Noughties and Now 24/7 including Live mixes from Dance Djs and Producers.

  • Logo of radio station BassPort FM

    BassPort FM

    Bass Music Radio

  • Logo of radio station SSRadio Deep and Soulful

    SSRadio Deep and Soulful

    Deep and soulful style House music radio station featuring House music DJs and record labels. This site also has an online community.