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  • Logo of the podcast World Business Report

    World Business Report

    The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC

  • Logo of the podcast Behind the Money with the Financial Times

    Behind the Money with the Financial Times

    From hostile takeovers to C-suite intrigue, Behind the Money takes you inside the big business and financial stories of the moment with reporting from Financial Times journalists around the world. Hosted by Aimee Keane.

  • Logo of the podcast Burmese Evening Broadcast

    Burmese Evening Broadcast

    BBC Burmese provides up-to-date news and current affairs in Burmese covering domestic and international news stories. 2015-2100 Burmese Time (1345-1430 GMT)

  • Logo of radio station Europe 1

    Europe 1

    Europe 1, un temps d'avance

  • Logo of radio station Fix Radio

    Fix Radio

    The Radio Station Built For The Trade.

  • Logo of the podcast FT Connected Business

    FT Connected Business

    Information technology provides the infrastructure backbone for companies today. The Connected Business series of podcasts from the Financial Times examines how business leaders can use IT to improve performance and exploit new opportunities for growth. Presented by Stephen Pritchard

  • Logo of the podcast New Statesman's New Times

    New Statesman's New Times

    In this special New Statesman podcast series we expand on our New Times issue which identifies the political, economic and philosophical shifts shaping our society. The series will feature special guests and New Statesman's staff giving their view on what lies ahead for Labour and the left. Guests include Vince Cable, Phil Collins, Neal Lawson and Ros Wynne-Jones.

  • Logo of the podcast Property Sourcing Profits Podcast

    Property Sourcing Profits Podcast

    David is a property expert with over 25 years’ experience and his own portfolio of 26 units. His current rent roll is in excess of £10k per month. He is also a partner in a Deal Sourcing and Packaging business in the North West of England and has sourced over 250 properties for investors since 2004. In recent years he has, by necessity, had to develop an expertise in LHA strategies. This area is increasingly becoming a niche for him and he enjoys empowering other landlords by sharing the knowledge he has gained. The ultimate purpose when sourcing properties in this sector for investors is to minimise risk while maximising profit. He has had to find answers to the challenges of Tenant Find, Management, ensuring rents are paid and the transition to Universal Credit. These are strategies he uses in his own business and also on behalf of investors. His investor clients regularly achieve annual gross yields of over 20% with high occupancy rates and voids resolved, sometimes within hours.

  • Logo of the podcast Smart Cities Week Podcast

    Smart Cities Week Podcast

    Podcast by Smart Cities Week Podcast

  • Logo of radio station RMC


    Votre radio d'opinions

  • Logo of radio station franceinfo


    deux points ouvrez l'info

  • Logo of radio station BFM Business

    BFM Business

    N°1 sur l’Economie

  • Logo of radio station RFI Monde

    RFI Monde

    RFI Radio - Les grands rendez-vous de l'information

  • Logo of radio station Jawahra FM

    Jawahra FM

    Jawhara FM se veut innovante et très proche de ses auditeurs. Une panoplie d'émissions vous accompagnera tout au long de la journée.

  • Logo of radio station Express FM

    Express FM

    Radio généraliste à vocation économique, Express FM diffuse sur le Grand Tunis (103.6 FM) et à Sfax (104 FM). Tel: 71725000 Serveur vocal: 88408841

  • Logo of radio station Cadena SER

    Cadena SER

    Escucha con nosotros la vida

  • Logo of radio station Atlantic Radio

    Atlantic Radio

    Musique, Info, Eco

  • Logo of radio station Deutschlandfunk


    Das Kölner Programm trägt den Namen Deutschlandfunk. Er steht seit mehr als 40 Jahren für schnörkellose Information aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur. Der hohe Wortanteil von rund 80 Prozent prägt sein unverwechselbares Profil. Deutschlandfunk, das ist die hörbare Alternative für alle, die gründlicher und umfassender informiert werden wollen. Eine gut sortierte Hörbibliothek zum Einschalten und Hinhören: Aktuell - Informativ - Analytisch - Kulturell.

  • Logo of radio station Antena 1

    Antena 1

    Liga Portugal

  • Logo of radio station RTÉ Radio 1

    RTÉ Radio 1

    We've got the nation talking