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  • Logo of the podcast Completely Burns

    Completely Burns

    In celebration of the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns - over 300 poems have been recorded by actors from all generations. Visit for more from Robert Burns.

  • Logo of the podcast Wildverse Poems from Fun Kids

    Wildverse Poems from Fun Kids

    Listen to the winning poems in this year's childrens wildlife poetry competition on Fun Kids, the UK's only radio station dedicated to children.

  • Logo of the podcast Simon Mayo's Books Of The Year

    Simon Mayo's Books Of The Year

    Simon Mayo and Matt Williams invite the world's finest authors in for a chat. Plus the best unpublished work, giveaways and your reviews.

  • Logo of the podcast The Guardian Books podcast

    The Guardian Books podcast

    The Guardian Books podcast is our weekly look at the world of books, poetry and great writing presented by  Claire Armitstead,  Richard Lea, & Sian Cain. With in-depth interviews with leading authors and investigations into the thematic trends in contemporary writing, this is the perfect book worm’s companion

  • Logo of the podcast The Verb

    The Verb

    Radio 3's cabaret of the word, featuring the best poetry, new writing and performance

  • Logo of the podcast The Amazing Maya Angelou

    The Amazing Maya Angelou

    An extraordinary real-life story. This is the world premiere audio drama series of Maya Angelou’s autobiographies, exclusively dramatised by the BBC.

  • Logo of the podcast In Our Time: Culture

    In Our Time: Culture

    Popular culture, poetry, music and visual arts and the roles they play in our society.

  • Logo of the podcast Yash Qaraah

    Yash Qaraah

    Wake Up World!

  • Logo of the podcast The Slowdown

    The Slowdown

    Every weekday, U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith delivers a different way to see the world – through poetry. Produced in partnership with the Library of Congress and the Poetry Foundation.

  • Logo of the podcast A Vida Breve

    A Vida Breve

    Programa diário de poesia dita pelos seus autores, acrescentando património raro e valioso ao arquivo da rádio.

  • Logo of the podcast Podcast Leonard Nolens

    Podcast Leonard Nolens

    De Vlaamse dichter Leonard Nolens (1947) ontving op 17 april 2018 het diploma van doctor honoris causa voor een indrukwekkend literair oeuvre dat in een halve eeuw tot stand is gekomen. Dichten was voor hem altijd al een manier van leven. Over dat leven vertelde hij vorig jaar vrijuit tijdens een drie uur durend programma op Klara en nu ook in deze podcast.

  • Logo of the podcast Musiques-les-Bains


    Lieux de bien-être où se croisent écrivains, compositeurs et poètes, les stations balnéaires ont la côte en littérature. Elles sont aussi lieux de festivals et de musique !

  • Logo of the podcast Músicas posibles

    Músicas posibles

    Músicas posibles es un universo privado donde compartimos despacio canciones, poemas, reflexiones y proyectos. ¿El denominador común? Prescindir de géneros y etiquetas. Visita nuestro blog:

  • Logo of the podcast ¡Un Alegre Despertar! con Alan Palacio

    ¡Un Alegre Despertar! con Alan Palacio

    Dificultades en la vida hay muchas... formas de resolverlas y tener una mejor calidad de vida ¡tamb…

  • Logo of the podcast 午夜读诗 | 给自己一首诗的时间

    午夜读诗 | 给自己一首诗的时间


  • Logo of the podcast Des papous dans la tête

    Des papous dans la tête

    Jeux littéraires, d'écriture et de langage

  • Logo of the podcast Pagina 3

    Pagina 3

    Pagina 3, in diretta tutte le mattine dalle 9.00 alle 9.30, è il programma radiofonico di approfondimento delle pagine culturali e dello spettacolo, che dà voce a scrittori, poeti e saggisti, fra le firme italiane più prestigiose, ma anche a giovani talenti.

  • Logo of the podcast Poeticherìe


    La poesia è arte, sentimento, cervello, vita, parole spesso semplici, capaci di elevare il nostro s…

  • Logo of the podcast Dame un verso

    Dame un verso

    La poesía como eje argumental del programa con Paloma Concejero

  • Logo of the podcast Fahrenheit


    Dal lunedi` al venerdi`, dalle 15.00 alle 18.00, gli scrittori italiani e stranieri, i dibattiti, i giochi, le interviste, la poesia.