• What is Radioline ?
    As a service, Radioline offers access to thousands of radio stations worldwide. Radioline is published by RadioLine SAS, formerly Baracoda Media, a media and mobile services division of Baracoda SA. For more information please visit www.radioline.co.
  • Does Radioline support AirPlay ?
    Although we have worked to make Radioline compatible with AirPlay, this technology cannot be integrated into a Mac App Store application because it is not officially supported on OS X yet. However, as AirPlay is available on iOS devices natively, then it works with Radioline iPhone. For more information please visit www.radioline.co.
  • I am a content provider, how can I register my radio station on Radioline?
    We opened our database to radio stations and content providers; to get your radio registered on Radioline, you simply have to create your account on www.radioline.co. Once our editorial teams have processed your request, your radio station will be accessible to Radioline users within a maximum of 48 working hours
  • My radio station is already registered on Radioline, how can I update its information (Streaming URL, Logo, description…) ?
    After creating your account, log in to cms.radioline.co. Before adding a new radio station you can check out if it is already registered in our database or not. If your radio station is already registered, then you can send a request for management directly from your interface, after having certified to be the legal representative of the radio station. Then our editorial teams will process your request. Once it is accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have access to the update of your radio station information from your interface.
  • I cannot find my station, what can I do ?
    Radioline's search engine enables you to find radios easily. If you use Radioline for Mac, just enter the name of the station you look for in the search field located at the top-right corner of the application, then press "Enter" key to validate. If you use Radioline for iPhone, select "Search" section located at the back-right corner of the application, enter the name of the station you look for in the search field on the top of the screen then press "Search" key at the back-right corner of the screen to validate. If you still cannot find your station, please send us a request for adding station thanks to the form available on www.radioline.co/contact Our editorial teams will be pleased to add your station to Radioline.
  • Why doesn't Radioline display the track name on screen ?
    Current tracks and program guides are not always shared by radio stations. We keep contacts with many stations to continuously increase the number and the quality of information displayed in Radioline.
  • My station doesn't work. What's happening ?
    The stations you see in Radioline are broadcasted by other companies and can fail beyond our control. Here are the most common reasons: The station is experiencing technical difficulties. The station is not available in your region. The station's format is not compatible with Radioline. Don't hesitate to contact us on www.radioline.co/contact if you have troubles listening to your favorite station. Each new version of Radioline improves playback, so be sure to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Is Radioline accessible ?
    We attach great importance to make Radioline easily accessible to visually impaired users. Radioline supports VoiceOver.