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CJAY-FM is an active rock radio station in Calgary, Alberta that broadcasts on 92.1 FM. Owned by Bell Media, CJAY operates repeater transmitters located in Banff, Alberta and Invermere, British Columbia (99.7 FM). Its founder was Ralph Connor, who moved to Calgary from Sudbury, Ontario to start the station. CJAY-FM was owned by Standard Broadcasting until 2007, when Standard Radio was acquired by Astral from Standard Broadcasting due to Standard's exit from terrestrial broadcasting. By September 2010, following suit like most Astral rock stations, CJAY-FM changed its logo and slogan, as well as format from mainstream rock to active rock, just like what sister station CKQB-FM in Ottawa (Virgin Radio 106.9) did this year. CJAY-FM's format remains much lighter than most Astral-owned active rock stations.