• This Is (Remix)[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    The November Commandment

  • She

    The Echoing Green

  • Tearing At The Tin Hearts Of Marrionettes[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Red Orchestra

  • Tranceno[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Project: SymplX

  • Submersible (Timo Rozendal Rem[ChristianIndustrial.net]


  • Mildred and The Masses[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Silent Music Club

  • Control (The Domination Mix)[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    The Nine

  • Once Upon a Time[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    The White Noise

  • Love Is Lost[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Dead Turns Alive

  • Misery[ChristianIndustrial.net]