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Digi Dekon, [02.10.20 06:09] For preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is the knowledge of the only one true God and his son Jesus Christ; (John 17: 3).This is the way of salvation; the narrow gate and the meaning of being a born again. Indeed, the only way you can be convinced, for the salvation of your soul, is to listen to what Moses and the prophets wrote about Jesus (Luke 16:31). As Jesus himself showed us, in (Luke 24:27), we also are reaching out to world, by showing the magnitude of God on this Channel. We are LIFE WORD MISSION (LWM), promoted by Army of Christ in Mission, Inc (ACM). A non-profit organization here in the United States. Do not hesitate to join us for the cause of the gospel in the whole world, for the greatness of the kingdom of God.