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Max is a bit different to other radio stations. We reckon you want more than a ‘music stream’ - but less than traditional radio with its bragging and DJ nonsense. Instead, Max just promises to be Where the 80s Live. And by that, we mean all the 80s. Not just the songs everyone remembers. (Well. Not quite all the 80s. You won’t hear Captain Beaky any time soon.) If you lived through and loved the 80s, like us, we know your record collection (or cassette mix tapes) had more than rock and pop. It included the last days of disco and the first days of house. Hair rock and electronic pioneers. Kraftwerk and Kylie. We play the anthems of course, but it was also a time of one-hit wonders and curious catchy singles in the lower reaches of the chart. Blue Zoo as well as Yazoo. Hipsway alongside Human League. Owen Paul next to Paul Young.