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Non Stop Music 24hrs 7 Days A Week. Speciality Nights: Friday from 6pm til 5am (uk) Party Classix. Up beat & happy, getting you ready for the weekend. Saturday Mornings 5am til 12pm (uk) “THE HANGOVER SHOW” (easy does it) Saturday from 6pm til 5am (uk) “The Classic Rock Show” Sunday Mornings 5am til 12pm (uk) “THE HANGOVER SHOW pt2” (easy does it again) Sunday 6pm til 5am (uk) Rock 'N' Roll Rebellion. Websites: http://ptcruiserradiouk.playtheradio.com/ http://www.northernsouluk.co.uk/ STREAMING TO YOUR PHONE:http://streaming.radionomy.com/PTCruiserRadioUK?lang=en-GB%2cen%3bq%3d0.5