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VISION To provide a platform where people get nourishment for their Spirit, Soul and Body. A platform that preserves the heritage of the Gospel of Christ while providing a forum for the development of excellence in its presentation. To be a platform where transformation is guaranteed from the Word and music that will be made available. MISSION STATEMENT To make the gospel of Christ accessible to the widest possible audience. To promote and support upcoming gospel artists, gospel ministers and God’s missionary work via our platform. To bring hope to the hopeless and comfort to the comfortless. To promote love and unity within the Body of Christ. To be a joy and inspiration hub to anyone and everyone that comes to the platform. OUR PURPOSE Building Faith and Celebrating God’s Word through Scripture and Music. Contact us on contact@thechristgospelradio.com Telegram@thechristgospelradio Telephone +44 (0)744 990 4339