Twisted Grape Radio

Because that glass in your hand needs a soundtrack...

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As a lifetime musician, Sommelier, Certified Sake Professional, and former radio Production Director, Owner/Operator Nic Fiore (aka: Fists of Fiore) mixes his love of all these things together to make Twisted Grape Radio. Fists vision for Twisted Grape Radio (TGR as he calls it), is to produce the perfect listening vehicle for whatever fills your cup. By blending the best Classic Rock music along with Wine reviews, Whiskey/Spirits reviews, and Mead/Beer reviews… PLUS interviews with Winemakers, Distillers, Sake experts, Mead Brewers, and more… There’s something new and cool mixed in with Internet Radio’s best classic rock mix, every day. Kick back with a glass of whatever floats your boat, and enjoy the BEST Classic Rock Radio... with a TWIST!!!