WJST Jet Set

WJST and Beautiful Easy Listening Reel To Reel Tape Music brings you the best in relaxation.

  • Around The World

    Cascading Strings // American Airlines Popular Program Vol 52 (Single)

  • Eleanor Rigby

    Wes Montgomery

  • The End Of A Great Affair / Captain Gary Miles Intro

    Jackie Gleason

  • Place Bleu

    Werner Von Overheidt

  • Staccato

    The Eliminators

  • The Paris Look

    Dominic Frontiere

  • Gentle On My Mind

    Tom Vaughn // American Airlines Popular Program Vol 55 (Single)

  • Star Spangled Banner


  • Intim Service Cosmique

    Messer für Frau Müller

  • Allegheny Airlines Air System:

    A lot More Going For You!