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WRUW-FM is a non-commercial student-run FM radio station at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, broadcasting at 91.1 MHz. WRUW's official motto is "More Music, Fewer Hits." WRUW is open to both students and members of the Cleveland community. Completion of a semester long training course is required. Summer events include Studio-A-Rama (mainly punk and hardcore acts), as well as the International Folk Festival. Webcasting has opened up a new audience for WRUW. Listeners from around the world are now able to listen and send email to WRUW's programmers and staff. WRUW has its earliest roots in "WFSM", started in 1946 by the Flora Stone Mather Radio Club, which presented programing via a public address system. This was followed by the AM station WRAR in 1955 and by WRUW-FM in 1967.