Toledo's Classic Rock Station

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WXKR (94.5 FM) is a radio station in Port Clinton, Ohio, broadcasting on 94.5 MHz with a classic rock format. The station is known as 94.5 XKR, Toledo's Classic Rock Station. In 1997, Cumulus Broadcasting purchased the station. The station stunted over the last weekend of January 1998 by playing the first five seconds of many classic rock songs followed by the sound effect of a needle dragging across a record. The classic rock format returned the following Monday on February 2, 1998. The station made an immediate return to the top 10 of the Arbitron ratings in Toledo. It was renamed "94.5 XKR" and has retained its format ever since, due to an upswing in the station's ratings and a subsequent drop in WJZE's ratings, which forced WJZE to drop their classic rock format later that Summer.