Xtra Musica

Xtra Musica is an independent radio station bringing the 80´s the 90´s and todays hottest hits.

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At Xtra Musica it´s all about the music and we bring it to you the new way "MAXIMUM MUSIC - MINIMUM TALK". Xtra Musica is a radio station with one of the most varied music formats. We don´t work with over-researched "corporate radio" play lists, but with songs manually selected by music freaks. Xtra Musica is all about quality, it´s all about reliability, it´s about being able to listen to your favorite music 24/7. So if you´re a music fanatic, and you´re looking to discover great new music, and rediscover "FORGOTTEN" tracks that you will "NEVER" hear on other radio stations, then XTRA MUSICA is definitly for you!!!!!!