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  • Logo of radio station Birdsong fm

    Birdsong fm

    Relaxation service playing blissful sounds of Birdsong Dawn Chorus 24/7

  • Logo of the podcast Binaural Diaries Field Recording

    Binaural Diaries Field Recording The Binaural Diaries is my collection of field recordings, or ‘sound photographs’. Much of this work is created using a technique called 'binaural recording'. This is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the environment that was captured. Listen using headphones to enjoy this effect. My current field recording setup comprises of a pair of Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 binaural microphones and a Sony PCM M-10 recorder.

  • Logo of the podcast Slow Radio

    Slow Radio

    An antidote to today’s frenzied world. Step back, let go, immerse yourself: it’s time to go slow.A lo-fi celebration of pure sound.

  • Logo of radio station Klassik Radio - Natur Klänge

    Klassik Radio - Natur Klänge

    Runterkommen. Ankommen. Unser vielseitiger Klassik Radio DJ Raphaël Marionneau nimmt die Hektik aus dem Alltag. In diesem Sender entführt Sie unser Klassik Lounge DJ auf eine Reise durch die spirituelle Welt des ZEN.

  • Logo of radio station Ambi Nature Radio (Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation)

    Ambi Nature Radio (Sleep, Relaxation & Meditation)

    Nature sounds for meditation, relaxation and sleep.

  • Logo of radio station Exclusively Birdsong

    Exclusively Birdsong

    Natural calm with the soothing, relaxing sound of birdsong.

  • Logo of the podcast Sleep with Silk: Nature Sounds

    Sleep with Silk: Nature Sounds

    Soothing nature sounds to help you to relax and fall asleep. Bonus episodes include behind-the-scenes information and stories about specific recorded sounds, tips for making your own recordings, listener feedback, and more.

  • Logo of radio station Relaxace - Jedoucí Vlak

    Relaxace - Jedoucí Vlak

    Užívejte si svůj odpočinek

  • Logo of radio station Positively Ocean

    Positively Ocean

    The sound of the ocean is scientifically proven to relax and de-stress

  • Logo of radio station A SLEEP NATURAL MIND


    Creative Commons Music

  • Logo of radio station NATURE RADIO SLEEP
  • Logo of radio station Relaxace - Moře

    Relaxace - Moře

    Užívejte si svůj odpočinek

  • Logo of radio station Радио Relax FM - Nature
  • Logo of radio station Positively Cascade

    Positively Cascade

    The sound of water flowing aids physical health and improves mental well being.

  • Logo of radio station - Звуки Природы - Звуки Природы

    Живя в каменных джунглях, залитых асфальтом, c нехваткой свежего воздуха, особенно хочется оказаться подальше от городской суеты, представить, что ты на берегу океана, или может быть в горах… У тебя есть такая возможность. Слушать шум ветра или соловьиные трели, затмевая шум автомобильных колес. А морской прибой унесет твои мысли в теплые страны. Звуки природы на онлайн-радио «Звуки природы.101».

  • Logo of radio station Digital Impulse - Nature Sound
  • Logo of radio station Radio Art - Nature

    Radio Art - Nature

    Discover how easy it can be to relax, with Nature holistic and organic gentle melodies from great artists.

  • Logo of radio station Relaxace - Oheň v krbu

    Relaxace - Oheň v krbu

    Užívejte si svůj odpočinek

  • Logo of the podcast Néoplanète - Les animaux

    Néoplanète - Les animaux

    Qu'ils s'engagent pour sauver des espèces menacées, qu'ils se battent contre la souffrance animale, qu'ils étudient l'intelligence animale... interviews de ces femmes et hommes qui prouvent que l’homme ferait bien de s’inspirer de la sagesse et de l’intelligence des animaux pour retrouver le bon sens et le respect de la nature nourricière.

  • Logo of radio station Positively Radio - ViBE

    Positively Radio - ViBE

    Balancing your body energy-Positively ViBE