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  • Logo of the podcast The House I Grew Up In

    The House I Grew Up In

    Series revisiting the childhood neighbourhoods of influential Britons

  • Logo of the podcast 1914: Day by Day

    1914: Day by Day

    Historian Margaret MacMillan chronicles the road to war in 1914.

  • Logo of the podcast The Long View

    The Long View

    Jonathan Freedland presents the series in which stories from the past are compared with current events.

  • Logo of the podcast The History Hour

    The History Hour

    An hour of historical reporting told by the people who were there.

  • Logo of the podcast The Why Factor

    The Why Factor

    The extraordinary and hidden histories behind everyday objects and actions

  • Logo of the podcast Channel History Hit

    Channel History Hit

    This is a combined feed which includes shows from across the History Hit Network. Including: Dan Snow's History Hit Histories of the Unexpected, Art Detective, Chalke Valley History Hit. More shows coming soon. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook: @HistoryHit “717090”

  • Logo of the podcast Cold War Conversations

    Cold War Conversations

    Recording the stories of the Cold War before they are lost…

  • Logo of the podcast Dan Snow's History Hit

    Dan Snow's History Hit

    History! The most exciting and important things that have ever happened on the planet! Featuring reports from the weird and wonderful places around the world where history has been made and interviews with some of the best historians writing today. Dan also covers some of the major anniversaries as they pass by and explores the deep history behind today's headlines - giving you the context to understand what is going on today.

  • Logo of the podcast That's Ancient History

    That's Ancient History

    That's Ancient History: the podcast for all things classical, old & new. Exploring antiquity from its history to its place in today's world. Host Jean Menzies.

  • Logo of the podcast The Ancients

    The Ancients

    A podcast for all ancient history fans! The Ancients is dedicated to discussing our distant past. Featuring interviews with historians and archaeologists, each episode covers a specific theme from antiquity. From Neolithic Britain to the Fall of Rome. Hosted by Tristan Hughes.

  • Logo of the podcast The Compass

    The Compass

    Surprising stories from unusual places. With ideas too big for a single episode, The Compass presents mini-series about the environment and politics, culture and society.

  • Logo of the podcast The Folklore Podcast

    The Folklore Podcast

    Folklore: Beliefs, traditions & culture of the people. Traditional folklore themes from around the world. One episode each month features a special guest from the field of folklore. Recalling our forgotten history, recording the new. The Folklore Podcast

  • Logo of the podcast The History of English Podcast

    The History of English Podcast

    A chronological history of the English language examined through the lens of historical events that shaped the development and spread of the language from the Eurasian steppe to the entire world.

  • Logo of the podcast The Log Books

    The Log Books

    Stories from Britain’s LGBT+ history and conversations about being queer today

  • Logo of the podcast Tudors Dynasty Podcast

    Tudors Dynasty Podcast

    This podcast is for the serious, or not so serious, Tudor fanatic. I chat with historians and authors on their subject of expertise, and hope to teach you a little along the way as well.

  • Logo of the podcast Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt

    The history of Scotland’s witch hunts revealed with Susan Morrison.

  • Logo of the podcast Time Travellers

    Time Travellers

    Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough presents a collection of quirky tales from the corners of history, exploring a different theme in each weekly episode.

  • Logo of the podcast A History of the World in 100 Objects

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

  • Logo of the podcast Hidden Histories: The New Statesman History Podcast

    Hidden Histories: The New Statesman History Podcast

    Welcome to Hidden Histories, hosted by Helen Lewis. In each series we explore a subject that the textbooks hid, held-back or hijacked, starting with “The Great Forgetting: women writers before Austen”. For more, head to

  • Logo of the podcast Collège de France - Histoire moderne et contemporaine du politique

    Collège de France - Histoire moderne et contemporaine du politique

    Dans sa leçon inaugurale au Collège de France, il a présenté ce qui faisait l’originalité de sa démarche : considérer l’histoire de la démocratie comme celle d’une expérience problématique. La démocratie, a-t-il souligné, constitue en effet le politique en un champ largement ouvert du fait même des tensions et des incertitudes qui la sous-tendent. "Parce qu’elle est fondatrice d’une expérience de liberté, l’histoire de la démocratie, a-t-il noté, n’est pas seulement celle d’une expérience contrariée ou d’une utopie trahie : en elle se sont enchevêtrées l’histoire d’un désenchantement et l’histoire d’une indétermination". Cette conception du politique a conduit Pierre Rosanvallon à faire d’une approche historique la condition de sa pleine saisie. Son ambition a ainsi été de penser la démocratie en reprenant le fil de son histoire. Tout en précisant qu’il ne s’agissait pas seulement de dire que la démocratie avait une histoire, mais qu’elle était plus radicalement une histoire. Une histo