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    Not Just the Tudors

    Professor Suzannah Lipscomb talks about everything from the Aztecs to witches, Velázquez to Shakespeare, Mughal India to the Mayflower. Not, in other words, just the Tudors, but most definitely also the Tudors. Each episode Suzannah is joined by historians and experts to reveal incredible stories about one of the most fascinating periods in history.

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    Football's Cult Heroes

    This is Football's Cult Heroes. A podcast series exploring the stories of the players that carried their clubs on their backs - on and off the pitch. Told by the players, fans and journalists that were there - we delve into why these players created such a strong bond with their fans and how they are still remembered years on. Join us on this journey, and if you like what you are listening to, hit the subscribe button and suggest a player you would like us to cover in the future!

  • Logo of the podcast The Parody Boris Johnson Podcast

    The Parody Boris Johnson Podcast

    On this soon to be award winning show, you will join me, your Prime Minister and Twitter sensation, for a behind the scenes look at what is really happening at the heart of government. Journey with me into my secret basement, away from spin doctors and advisors, where I will give you the unvarnished truth about the decisions that help to ruin your life. Make sure you leave a glowing 5* review, just like I did for Dido Harding's fantastic work on the Track Trace app. And throw away your hard earned money by supporting the show via Patreon - *** Follow the show on Twitter - @BorisJohnson_MP The Parody Boris Johnson podcast is written by Parody Boris Johnson and produced by Giddy Aunt Comedy Support Parody Boris Johnson via Patreon See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Logo of the podcast I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan

    I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan

    Best-selling author, rock star historian and world-renowned thinker Peter Frankopan introduces his new project: I’ve Been Thinking...with Peter Frankopan. Peter talks to experts, academics and thinkers about current affairs and cutting-edge research that often do not get covered in the mainstream media.

  • Logo of the podcast Football Is Nice with Russell Brand

    Football Is Nice with Russell Brand

    Russell Brand talks about football and football culture from a deep, humorous and philosophical perspective and concludes that it is nice. Joined weekly by Gareth Roy and Jenny May Finn (with calls to other guests - in episode 1 Russell calls West Ham captain Mark Noble - (who doesn't pick up) the beautiful game is used as thorough fare and platform for gentle insight and senseless musing.

  • Logo of the podcast Short History Of...

    Short History Of...

    Short History Of... is the new show from award-winning podcasters, Noiser. Each week, we'll transport you back in time to witness history's most incredible moments and remarkable people. Launching August 9th. New episodes every Monday.

  • Logo of the podcast What if? with Lorraine & Rosie

    What if? with Lorraine & Rosie

    Have you ever imagined taking a different path? Is there something you wish you could have done differently? Do you have a hidden passion that you want to turn into your future? Rosie Smith and TV-legend mum Lorraine Kelly present 'What if?', a new podcast series exploring life's 'what ifs'. Each week they meet celebrity guests to discuss these turning points, thoughts and decisions - and ponder the meaning of success and satisfaction. Brought to you by Beauty Pie, the world's first luxury beauty buyers club (see episode notes for more details and offers).

  • Logo of the podcast Values And Vibrators with Charlotte Crosby

    Values And Vibrators with Charlotte Crosby

    From having your lady bits splashed all over international television to dealing with heart break in public, this is Queen Crosby at her best… raw and unfiltered.

  • Logo of the podcast British Scandal

    British Scandal

    New episodes come out every Tuesday for free, with 1-week early access for Wondery+ subscribers. In a country obsessed with gossip, the great and the good fear one thing more than any other - scandal. British scandals change the course of history. They bring down governments, overthrow the rich and cause the mighty to fall. Some are about sex, others about money. In the end, they’re all about power. But often at the heart of a scandal, there are ordinary human stories, stories of those caught up in the swirl of outrage. Who was really to blame for what happened? Why did they do it? And when all is said and done, did anything really change? From the creators of Business Wars, American Scandal and Even The Rich, comes British Scandal. We tell the stories of the murkier side of the British elite, from Phone Hacking to Saville to Profumo who show us the reality of power, the price of pride and the failings of the great and good. Because sometimes the truth doesn’t set everyone free…

  • Logo of the podcast Daily Euros: BBC Football Daily

    Daily Euros: BBC Football Daily

    The latest UEFA Euro 2020 news, insight and analysis from Mark Chapman, Steve Crossman, Emma Saunders and the rest of the BBC Radio 5 live Football Daily team.

  • Logo of the podcast You're Dead To Me

    You're Dead To Me

    The history podcast for people who don't like history... and those who do. Greg Jenner brings together the best names in comedy and history to learn and laugh about the past.

  • Logo of the podcast Bad Cops

    Bad Cops

    The story of one of America's most corrupt police units. Why do good cops go bad?

  • Logo of the podcast Up Your Footfall - Shopping Centre Pod

    Up Your Footfall - Shopping Centre Pod

    In 2009 the sitcom Shopping Centre was almost a hit TV series. The stars of the show and real-life best colleagues, Stuart Laws & Matthew Winning, reunite to watch each episode and provide you, the fans, with fresh insight and enjoyment of the show that changed lives. Created by Stuart Laws & Matt Winning Written by Stuart Laws, Rhiannon Shaw & Matt Winning A Turtle Canyon Comedy production

  • Logo of the podcast The Old Man in The Boat

    The Old Man in The Boat

    The Old Man in the Boat is a podcast about an old man... in a boat. Out in the middle of nowhere is a large lake. And in the middle of that lake is an old man sitting in a boat. Listen to the characters he meets like the worm who talks, and the seagull who does something awful to the man s beard! Listen, laugh and learn as the old man chats with the worm and even argues with his own shadow. Starring Harry Enfield and Clarke Peters. The Old Man In The Boat is a Message Heard production in association with Fun Kids. It is made possible thanks to funding from the Audio Content Fund.

  • Logo of the podcast Dope Black Disabled Podcast

    Dope Black Disabled Podcast

    Dope Black Disabled Podcast is a joyful, spirited and sometimes irreverent look at life, through the lens of disability. Dope Black Disabled Podcast aims to celebrate, educate, inspire, heal, uplift, and represent black disabled people across the diaspora and the motherland with truthful story telling at the heart of what we aim to do.

  • Logo of the podcast Sista Sister with Candice Brathwaite

    Sista Sister with Candice Brathwaite

    SISTA SISTER is a podcast all about friendships, family, finances and everything in between. Each week host Candice Brathwite is joined by different guest to delve into the lessons they've learned the hard way so you don't have to. Candice's new book SISTA SISTER is out in hardback, eBook and audiobook on 8th July. Order your copy now See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Logo of the podcast Absolutely Mental

    Absolutely Mental

    All 11 episodes available at beginning Monday May 10th. In this new podcast series, the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actor, director, and writer Ricky Gervais phones his favorite smart friend, the neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris, to ask some very important questions...and some not-so-important ones. Gervais and Harris contemplate the wonders of science and the chaos of modern life while having many good laughs.

  • Logo of the podcast The Official England Podcast

    The Official England Podcast

    Welcome to the Official England Podcast for UEFA EURO 2020, hosted by Adam Smith. This is your daily guide to the Three Lions' campaign, with unprecedented access to the England team that brings you closer to the squad than ever before - featuring exclusive interviews with players, breaking news from inside the England camp from Josh Denzel, plus reactions from experts and football legends. Join in the conversation: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitch: ► TikTok:

  • Logo of the podcast Sh**ged Married Annoyed

    Sh**ged Married Annoyed

    The only way Rosie and Chris Ramsey can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at their phones is by doing a podcast. They’ll be chatting all about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing up and everything in between. Each week they will answer questions from the public and a secret celebrity.

  • Logo of the podcast A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand

    A Thorough Examination with Drs Chris and Xand

    Chris and Xand are doctors, scientists and identical twins. Well, not quite identical. Xand is 20kg heavier, clinically obese, and has a Covid induced heart condition. The reason Xand is overweight is the same reason that most of us in the UK are overweight: Ultra Processed Food or UPF. It’s the main thing that we now eat (and feed to our children), but most of us have never heard of it. It’s addictive, highly profitable and the main cause of the global obesity pandemic. It’s destroying our bodies, our brains and the environment. Chris wants Xand to quit so he has a plan: to send him on a journey to meet the world’s leading experts on food, weight, taste and addiction whilst encouraging a final UPF binge in a bid to see if he can learn to hate it. Simple right? Well it turns out to be way stranger and more emotional than either of them ever imagined... An episode will drop each Tuesday from July 6, 2021 for 6 weeks. See for privacy and opt-out information.