Radio stations and podcasts from around the world graded by countries

  • Logo of radio station Apna Karachi FM 107

    Apna Karachi FM 107

    Apna Karachi FM 107 a Radio Station which holds the No. 1 position amongst all stations in Karachi We are Karachi Ki Awaz.

  • Logo of radio station City FM 89

    City FM 89


  • Logo of radio station DiL FM Gujrat

    DiL FM Gujrat

    Sono Dil ki

  • Logo of radio station FM 100 Islamabad

    FM 100 Islamabad

    Pakistan's 1st and #1 Hit FM Radio Network

  • Logo of radio station FM 100 Lahore

    FM 100 Lahore

    The most listed, popular, entertaining and powerfull 24 hour live radio channel. FM100 has taken its listeners in nine cities Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Rahimyar Khan, Multan, Abbottabad, Gujrat, Jhelum by STORM and we are about to launch three more station . FM100 started transmission on 23rd, March 1995 being first FM channel in Pakistan.FM100 Pakistan is one of the pioneer Radio Station in Pakistan.

  • Logo of radio station FM 101 Karachi

    FM 101 Karachi

    FM-101 Karachi is an entertainment and music channel but it also broadcast informative items like sports, culture and civilization, health and hygiene

  • Logo of radio station FM 101 Mirpur

    FM 101 Mirpur

    Radio Pakistan is the National Broadcaster of Pakistan officially called as Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

  • Logo of radio station FM Sunrise 95 Jhelum

    FM Sunrise 95 Jhelum

    Love People Love Pakistan

  • Logo of radio station FM91 - Karachi

    FM91 - Karachi

    Suntay Hee Jao

  • Logo of radio station Hot FM 105

    Hot FM 105

    The Hottest Station for the Coolest Nation Hot FM 105

  • Logo of radio station JEAY FM 88 | MIRPURKHAS


    The objective of JEAY FM is become voice of Local people and highlights their core issues. We also want to be helping hand of Social/Community welfare organizations in their services for humanity. We are trying to make institutional arrangement with SIUT, OPP, EDHI Foundation and other social organizations in which we will on-air their advocacy/awareness related message at free of cost.

  • Logo of radio station Kompis FM

    Kompis FM

    Pakistani Radio Station

  • Logo of radio station Mast FM  103

    Mast FM 103

    Swing With Mast Music ...

  • Logo of radio station Mast FM 103

    Mast FM 103

    No 1 Hit Music Radio Network of Pakistan.

  • Logo of radio station PBC FM 101

    PBC FM 101

    Stay Tuned With Us.

  • Logo of radio station PBC FM 93

    PBC FM 93

    FM-93 network is the largest FM network in the country. From the heights of Trichmir in Chitral to the shores of Arabian Sea at Gwadar and Karachi‚ through the plains and deserts of Punjab and Sindh‚ there are 22 stations radiating programmers on FM-93 network.

  • Logo of radio station PBC Planet 94

    PBC Planet 94

    Its fresh‚ it's exciting‚ it’s the new addition to Radio Pakistan’s family. Launched on Nov 14‚ 2009‚ Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation brings the latest on the air waves - a new FM channel – Planet94. It’s the first 24/7 English channel‚ entertaining listeners of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with all generes’ of music - from Techno to Hip-Hop ‚ Grunge to Indy rock ‚ Jazz to Metal ‚ Classic Blues to Country‚ Metal to Pop and from Adult Contemporary to all varieties of Rock – enjoy‚ as our diverse team of RJs’ bring their own unique personality to the airwaves. We play the latest music‚ discover new genres‚ artists and bring the hottest music news from around the world.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Gossips

    Radio Gossips

    This is the Pakistani Radio Station

  • Logo of radio station Radio Pakistan

    Radio Pakistan

    Central News Organization of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan) is putting on air 123 news bulletins / broadcasts of varied duration totaling 702 minutes in 29 languages daily. These bulletins include National‚ Regional‚ External‚ Local/City‚ Sports‚ Business and Weather Reports besides those headline bulletins prepared for National Broadcasting Service (NBS).

  • Logo of radio station Radio Pakistan External Service